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Follow us on an Explorathon - a truly unique and memorable adventure! Experience the magic of nature, the beauty of an ancient town, the cool of a clear lake, the fresh mountain air, and spectacular views, all while being active and led by a local guide.

An Explorathon is more than a bike tour, or than a sightseeing tour, it's the best way to explore Switzerland.  There is an Explorathon available for anybody, and any fitness-level. Your own tempo is the best tempo for your journey!

Switzerland is a country preferably explored being out and about - whether on foot, bike, paddle-board, skates, public transportation or a combination thereof. To facilitate your exploration of Switzerland we organize and guide active, private tours in and around Switzerland. Tell us what you wish to do, or what you'd like to see, and we'll make it happen!  We'll take care of everything!

Explorathons are mostly human powered, and often complimented by public transportation.  Follow us, to be guided to new places, off the beaten track, and to learn about culture and people, while having fun. 


Let's plan your explorathon: info@explorathon.ch


'Sabine crafted the ideal tour, with the perfect combination of fitness, sightseeing, local history, and opportunities just to appreciate this very special part of the world.  Her local is unsurpassed, with her experiences around the world, architecture background and yoga, there was plenty of things we connected over.  Although she incredibly fit , she was always supportive.
I loved our day!  Perfect!  Thank for putting together a most wonderful tour!