Explorathons are custom tailored to your desires, the following are just a few inspirations, more ideas can be found on our blog page: CLICK HERE
Contact us with your wishes and we'll make your Explorathon happen!

NEW: Paddle out to the Island
From Rapperswil to the Island Lützelau by Paddle Board.
The clear blue water below you, the sun above you, old town Rapperswil in your back and the Island ahead of you - what sounds like the perfect getaway is the perfect getaway!  Island lunch included :-)
Mode:             SUP
Start / End:  Rapperswil-Jona
Duration:     1/2 day
Distance:      about 1.5km each way for a total of 3km of paddling
Price:      CHF 99.- (including SUP rental) / CHF 59.- (excluding equipment)

NEW: Full moon SUP ride
Paddle along the shore of upper lake Zurich while the full moon rises on the horizon. Enjoy the quiet of this balmy night in nature, enjoying the peaceful illumination of the nature preserve along which we'll travel.
Upon returning to the shore in Rapperswil-Jona we will enjoy a snack and a beverage around a small bonfire before calling it a night.
Mode:   Stand-up Paddle board (SUP)
Start/End:   Rapperswil-Jona
Duration:     ca. 19:30 - 23:00
Price:     $ 75 (including SUP rental)  /  $ 35.- (excluding equipment)
Dates:        Friday June5th 2020
      Monday August 3rd 2020
              Wednesday, September 2nd 2020
Book now:  info@explorathon.ch

1/2 day vineyard walk and boat ride
The north shore of lake Zurich is home to vineyards, picturesque towns, fields and woods.  This explorathon is about a 3 hour walk followed by a boat ride on lake Zürich. Starting point is either Rapperswil or Stäfa.  Depending on your prefered time we will eat lunch or an afternoon snack on the ship, along with a glass of wine from the vineyards we just walked through. 
Mode:      Hike + Ship
Start/End:     Rapperswil or Stäfa
Duration: 1/2 day
Distance:      10 km hike
Price:          $ 50

1/2 day leisurely SUP river ride
After a short train ride we get to ride the stand up paddle boards down the river at a leisurely pace. We relax, enjoy the sun, take a dip in the cooling river-water, have a refreshing beverage and a snack, all while floating in the calm waters of the Linth canal.  A 1/2 km lake paddle at the end of the river brings us back to our starting point.
Optional: a variety of rivers in Switzerland allow for similar tours: Aare, Rhine, Thur, etc.
Mode:     SUP + train
Start/End:     Schmerikon
Duration: 1/2 day
Distance:     15 km  SUP
Price:             $ 100  (including rental-SUP)

Day-Tour: Sights and Bike
We tour the highlights of old-town Rapperswil on foot, and then pedal through fields, woods and quaint towns, all, whilst enjoing beautiful views onto lake Zurich. On mount Pfannenstiel we climb the observation tower and enjoy spectacular views. After savoring some local specialties in a restaurant, we will roll downhill to the shore of Lake Zurich, where we board the ship back to Rapperswil or Zurich.
Mode: walk + bike + boat
Start: Rapperswil / End: Rapperswil or near Zurich
Duration: 1 Day
Distance: Walk 60-90 Minutes / Bike ride: 20km gradual uphill
Price p.P.: $ 160 (including rental-bike and helmet), $ 110 without bike
          (This tour can be book as an e-bike tour for an additional $20)

Three lakes bike ride
A bit longer and for the more experienced cyclist, this tour takes us from Lake Zürich over the mountains to Lake Zug and from there to Lake Lucerne, and through scenic central Switzerland back to lake Zürich.   A total of about 120 km with a couple small mountain passes, but also some nice and flat stretches a long the lakes.  We'll eat lunch at a lakefront restaurant along Lake Lucerne.
Mode:     Road bike
Start/End:     Rapperswil
Duration: 1 day
Distance:     120 km
Price:             $ 160 p.P.  (including rental-bike and helmet), $ 110 without bike
      (This tour can be book as an e-bike tour for an additional $25)

Hot Yoga followed by a dip in the lake
We start with a Hot Yoga class in the heart of old town Rapperswil. The physical Hot Yoga exercises (asanas), practiced at high temperatures (33°C), not only give you energy, endurance, flexibility, but also promote your strength and balance.
To make this sweat session even more rewarding, we afterwards take a quick walk (5 min) over the hill, by means of about 100 steps (count them!), to the lake. There we'll jump in and take a swim, allowing our bodies to cool down quickly. Give it a try!
Mode:     Yoga + Swim
Start/End:     Rapperswil
Duration: 2 hours
Price:             $ 45 p.P. (includes use of Yoga matt)
Those are just a few examples of Explorathons. Countless more are available and possible, all depending on your time, interests, mode of transport, budget, etc.  All Explorathons are available in English or German.
Contact us and let's go!

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Surprise - Explorathon
Unfortunately Covid-19 times are not the best for Explorathon.ch.  But hopefully things will be better soon, and we all can go out and explore again.
In the meantime we've put together an Explorathon, which you can take right where you are, in your neighborhood or town. You can venture out on your own or with a friend or with your kids. Go on foot, bike, skate, whatever mode of transportation you feel like.
Then, just follow the rules and see where your 'Surprise'-Explorathon will take you. 
Download the instructions in either English or German below, take them along and have fun!
Hier findest du die Spielregeln zum Surpirse - Explorathon auf Deutsch oder Englisch. Einfach auf entsprechendes Download klicken.

See the BLOG section to see where my 'Surprise'-Explorathon led me :-)

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