6/23 - Pragelpass road-bike ride

This one is tough, but so worth it!

With a small group of experienced road-bike riders we road from Rapperswil along upper Lake Zurich's north-shore, by the castle Grynau, and up the Linth river-canal. Soon after turning of into the valley towards Glarus the first ascent towards Lake Klöntal begins. As we reach the lake, beautiful and serene, we take a quick brake and grab a snack, before heading on along the lake-shore. And we climb Pragel pass, this part is challenging, but as always the views and scenery lets us forget the struggle... We also find some snow - still! Wow, walls of it! And of course, what goes up, must come down - and so the steep, long downhill follows. This one is a breaker, our hands and arms feel it! Through the Muotatal we ride to Schwyz for a well deserved lunch, outdoors, in a restaurant right at the main plaza - mmmmmh.

After lunch we start the more gradual ascent over the Sattel mountain pass to Rothenthurm. From there it's a fast 20k back to Rapperswil.