7/15 - Filisur to Monstein via Wiesner Viaduct

In Davos we boarded the nostalgic train to Filisur to start our hike. The trail we chose for today's Explorathon led us through scenic forests and valleys, to the Landwasser Viaduct, which we had crossed on the train-ride earlier. Following the river a bit further we continued to the Wiesner Viaduct. Crossing the super-tall, old railway bridge, over a deep gorge, was an adventure - those of us with fear of heights walked rather quickly :-)  From the Bärentritt we enjoyed spectacular views down the deep ZĂĽgenschlucht canyon - wow!  On we went along the river, on the old-road trail, enjoying the tranquility of the woods and the river.  Along the way we stopped for lunch - Sandwiches by the creek, and before we knew it we arrived at the train-station in Monstein and headed back to Davos.